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 A company -wide attitude that recognizes that customer satisfaction is everything.  A  responsibility to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity, providing  quality and value to our customers.


Company Description

C.I.S (Communication Integrated Solutions) Technologies Ltd is a small and young (17  years) company in the Information Technology Industry in Dominica. Located in the capital of Roseau, it comprises of two departments: C.I.S Technologies and the Office Center. C.I.S Technologies, the technical service center, specializes in and leads the Information Technology Industry in Dominica; in the areas of Local and Wide Area Networking (Utilizing the Internet and other technologies), VPN's Computer Sales, Computer and Peripheral Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance, Software Installation and Programming. In addition, Firewalls, and other Internet services (designing and configuring Email servers for companies) and Business Telephone system installation and  servicing, VOIP, Tech4Less, camera installation and installation of  burglar alarm systems.

 The Office Center is a retail store that provides to its customers the widest variety Office Equipment (Computers,Printers, Scanners, Stationery), Office Furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets), Office Supplies, Electronic games/ Entertainment systems, Educational and Instructional software, Business and home Telephone systems and the widest array of computer parts and accessories on the island.



          LEADERSHIP:                   C.E.O - Mr. Kerry S. M . George         

 General Manager. - Mrs. Linda S. George CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS : 54 Old                                               Street, Roseau, Dominica.




Less than one year later it moved operations to the Center of town on 31 Great Marlborough St. for expansion purposes and to serve its customers better. C.I.S Technologies would then become a household name for computer repair and maintenance in Dominica. In May 1998 it opened a second department,. The Office Center, a humble little beginning with only five small shelves of items. It offered to the public school and office supplies at very reasonable prices. In the months following, expansion was inevitable. The Office center provided everything from pencils to top-of-the-line computers for one's home or office.It began with C.I.S Technologies, the brainchild of its owner and Founder, Mr Kerry George. In July of 1997, Mr George with one computer, one technician and one large dream opened the doors to C.I.S Technologies.  Housed in the downstairs of his apartment just on the outskirts of Roseau, C.I.S Technologies offered its customers a line of computers backed up by service repairs and maintenance.


 In October 1999, the two departments had ceased to exist as separate entities and had joined to form one company, C.I.S Enterprises Ltd. The name of the company had changed legally, but it was still separated geographically.Its customers needed to have the luxury of product and services under one roof and in May 2000 management saw it through. The Office Center and C.I.S Technologies combined thus offering customers the best of both worlds on 54 Old Street, Roseau. The company now employs thirteen persons, four of whom are Computer Technicians/ Customer Service Representative, One Computer / Network Engineer & CEO, three Customer Service Representatives, two Administrative Assistants, one Financial Controller/ Manager, four Techs, two Customer service representatives, one Computer Network Engineer/CEO, one accountant, one Assistant Marketing Manager, one Assistant store manager and one IT Specialist.  

 C.I.S Enterprises is determined to step bodly into the millennium in an effort to to meet the technological advances and provide for our clientele those advances the soonest that they are available,making them better equipped to compete at similar rate with the rest of  the global cyber community


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C.I.S Technologies

54 Old Street,

P.O. Box 0921


Commonwealth of Dominica

Tel: 1- 767 - 448 -0474

Fax: 1 - 767 - 4499 - 9054

Website: www.cis.dm   

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